memories fade

Ana. 20. In denial. Whatever.
Let's make today a beach day

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Ben Frost


"Graffiti is mostly about implementation, the act. What risks were taken? How did the body move? What mark was left?"


Android user:
My Galaxy S5 has 16 gb of RAM and a 16 megapixel camera. What does your shitty iPhone have?
iPhone user:
Android user:
damn :/

In three different continents you’ve still been the first thing on my mind.

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my love

You would think that Andrew Jackson was giving you his undivided attention, and then you would glance over and notice that he had devoted the last several minutes to making a laborious sketch of an alligator.

“Mr. President!” you would gasp, indignantly.

“I have a bullet lodged inside my body,” he would say. “From killing a man in a duel. A better man than you.” He would resume drawing the alligator.

-On Presidential Doodlers

Said alligator:


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This is it. This is everything to me. I don’t know what the fuck this is but it has changed my world.

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Vampire Weekend - Finger Back.

I didn’t realize how morbid that line is until just now and I’ve been singing along every day


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anjelica houston photographed by bob richardson.

an exquisite photograph


Body comparative #45 (1,2)

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